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"COOL is an interdenominational youth work project in partnership with Scripture Union Scotland through the Associate Worker Scheme, which has employed a full time youth and schools’ worker. The objects of the Trust, as set out in the constitution, are to encourage and support the young people of Lochalsh and the surrounding area, helping them to establish and strengthen their relationship with God and provide social and recreational opportunities."

Our main work in schools includes assemblies, drop-in clubs, Religious & Moral Education and pastoral support as well as more general support as required. We also work in community youth clubs and church groups to encourage, train and support local parishes.

As we share the good news of Jesus Christ with children, young people, their teachers and families, we aim for excellence in all we do. Our concern is for the whole person which is reflected in our programming from Bible teaching, outdoor weekends, social events and overseas aid projects.

Working in the Western Highlands of Scotland, covering a geographical area of approximately 640 square miles, the youthworker travels about ten thousand miles each year as the work goes into the eleven primary schools and the high school in the area. The worker is supported by the management committee, local church leaders and youth leaders. The work is greatly valued and appreciated by the head teachers of both the secondary and primary schools who also offer support and encouragement. As part of the SU Associate Worker Scheme, SU gives training, development and management support to the worker, committee and supervisory line management.








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